Q- Do you rent tables, jumpers, or chairs?

A- No we do not do any rentals at this time. 

Q- Do you inflate balloons if I bring in my own designs.

A- Yes, we do inflate your balloons for you. Price is depending on size.

Q- What candies do you sell?

A- We offer a large variety of Mexican Candies, and basic American Candies, in pinata bags and small size. 

Q- What kind of Pinatas do you sell?

A- We sell 3D stars, Figures, Numbers, and Cakes.

Q- How long do I have to return items?

A- After 10 days we do not accept returns.

Q- Do you guys sell party supplies?

A- Yes, we have table covers, plates, napkins, cups, and loot bags of popular characters. Sonic, Mario, P.J. Mask, and etc. And also, of normal colors- IN STORE ONLY.

Q- What time are you guys open?

A- The online store is always open, but the hours for our physical store are on our YELP. Dinos Party Supply.